Cream Whiskers Test Kitchen

Cream puff pastry shells, or choux dough, are made from 4 very simple ingredients:  water, butter, flour, and eggs. However, to make a cream puff shell buttery, yet light and airy, is not a simple thing to achieve.  There are countless recipe variations for cream puffs and every single step in the cream puff making process can alter the look and taste of a cream puff.  We have tried numerous different variations with each basic ingredients and baked A LOT of choux to come up with our “perfect” puff shell.  Almost all cream puffs sold in bakeries are pre-filled and stored in the refrigerated display.  At Cream Whiskers we pipe our cream puffs to each order to prevent the puff shell from getting soggy and to ensure our cream puffs always taste as if they’re fresh out from the oven.

Our custard cream is made from hand whisking the custard with fresh whipped sweet cream.  It is chilled, silky smooth and flavored to perfection.  We rotate the flavors of our custard cream to always include new and seasonal flavors in our menu.

What is a Cream Puff?

Cream puffs are French pastries that was invented mostly likely during the French Renaissance. Pâte a choux, or light pastry dough, is made from flour cooked in butter and a milk/water mixture. With the addition of eggs, this mixture forms a thick paste, giving the cream puff shell its hollow and airy structure when baked.  Cream puffs can be filled with cold custard, custard cream, whipped cream,  ice cream, or any fillings you desire.  Hot puff shells right out from the oven need to fully dry out the insides of the shell from the steam so the puff can be ready to be filled with the cold cream filling.

Cream Whiskers Cream Pastry Shells

Original - Our “perfect” classic French puff pastry shell

Cookie - Top - Original shell with crispy and buttery sugar cookie crust on top

Cream Whiskers Random Fun Facts

  1. The idea for the name “Cream Whiskers” came from the whiskers of our “cream” colored yellow labrador retriever.  It works beautifully since we are also cream “whisk-ers” for our cream puffs!

  2. Pâte a choux (pronounced “paht ah shoo”) literally means “cabbage paste” in French.  Cream puff pastry dough is called this name due to the shell puffing up in a shape similar to a cabbage.

  3. It is addicting to watch the choux dough slowly puffing up in the oven.  It is like watching a synchronized puff dance!

  4. Beignets are also made from choux pastry but instead of baking the dough, it puffs up in the fryer.  They are cream puffs’ cousins who are also traditionally topped with powdered sugar.

  5. Cream puffs are also called “profiteroles” or in French “choux à la crème”.  

  6. “Choux” pastries are used in many tasty desserts such as cream puffs, eclairs, churros, and beignets or when added with cheese it can also be a savory dish.