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We are two UT Austin graduates who are determined to take on the challenge of bringing Austin (and Texas!) its first unique dessert cream puff experience!  Inspired by the cream puff craze in Japan, we decided,as a career change, to dive into something we have never imagined of doing - opening our very own cream puff bakery.

It is surprising that neither of us has a sweet tooth.  Desserts are often turned down at the end of a meal because we find them to be overly sweet and heavy.  During one of our travels, we stumbled across a cream puff shop while browsing through the different stores of a train station.  Drawn by the sweet aroma of fresh baked pastries, we bought one cream puff to-go and ate it at a nearby coffee shop. Just after the first bite, we were immediately shocked by how light and airy the pastry was, and yet, it filled our mouths with a buttery aroma combined with a silky smooth sweet cream custard.  It was the irresistible divine taste that made us go back and ask for more. By the end of our trip, we were hoping that we could “to-go” the whole bakery and take it back to US with us.  It was an unforgettable dessert experience for us “non-dessert” eaters.

 An opportunity came along and we thought, “Hey, why not give it a try and really bring the bakery back to our hometown, Austin, Texas!”  Tina always enjoyed cooking, baking, and  trying out new recipes, and John loves to eat and try out new dishes. This perfect combination (and of course after thousands of test batch cream puffs) led to the creation of a perfect cream puff recipe that will keep anyone crave for more!  

This is the story of our dream bakery.  Come visit us and find out what we are all about!