Fall just got better / by John Sun

We hope this Fall season has been fun for everyone. To make it better, we have some updates and news for ya'll! *Somewhere in this post will announce some good news...keep reading if you want to find out, hehe*

We recently had a mini Halloween event, where people can come in and decorate their own #TrickOrTreatPuffs with their favorite candies! One of our favorite creations is the DracuPuff (made by @reeseypeacey)

We are also selling TSHIRTS now for all you cream puff fans! They are $15 each and are currently sold in-store. 


Next, WE ARE SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE HAVE PARKING VALIDATION! Woohoo! This is probably one of our best news! 

Lastly, we have some new flavors in store for you all the next two months..and you won't want to miss them. It's sweet, it's tasty, and it'll give you that warm fuzzy feeling in the midst of this cold weather. 

We love you! Stay warm in the coming weeks and come visit us! 
- Cream Whiskers Team