Winter Updates / by John Sun

Hello everyone!

Now that we're reaching the end of the year, let's update you all on what's been happening and some exciting things to expect next year!

First, VERY important! Here are our holiday hours:
Sunday, 12/21, we are open from Noon - 8PM
From 12/22 - 1/9, we will be closed for the Holidays
We will resume regular hours on Saturday, 1/10

We have tshirts now! Have you bought yours yet?!
*Look at our cute employee, Sarah!* Say hi to her when you visit!


Know a die-hard Cream Whiskers fan or would like to gift others with cream puffs? Now you can do so with our gift cards! Our birthday and Holiday cards are coming along the way, but for now we have our basic matted cards with a gold lettering finish. 

Lastly, did you hear about our NEW savory puff?! We bake our usual puffs with layers of cheddar cheese until it's light, fluffy, and crisped to perfection. It's stuffed with our homemade chicken salad to add a bit of a bright and tasty addition.

As for next year, we're going to have an ESPRESSO machine! Our answer to your wishes! Be excited! (:

That should be it! Thanks for a great year, full of laughter, love, and support. You have been amazing to us and we can't wait to create more awesome cream puffs for ya'll!

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.
Cream Whiskers Team