hello, hello / by John Sun

Hello to all our fellow Longhorns, and another hello to our new students and families!

We are so excited to start a new year with you all. We finally experienced our first summer here in Austin and were able to make some changes in the bakery in preparation to welcome you all back for the new semester. With school starting again, we certainly understand the stress from tests and homesickness so we welcome you all with open doors to relax, study, and satisfy your sweet tooth desires!

To start off, we have some awesome updates and deals to offer you all so stay connected by liking our Facebook page and Instagram feed! 

For those who are new or interested in what we've done, here's a recap of our summer!

1. Our Neapolitan Puffsicle was added to our Seasonal menu in June! Perfect to combat the Texas heat. It consists of three frozen mini cream puffs, with chilled strawberry, chocolate and regular whipped cream and drizzled with a fresh strawberry jam, peanuts, and white chocolate. 


2. For those who don't know, we have started a catering system! Whether it's an engagement party or organizational events, we'd love to cater for you! Check out our catering page for more information and place an order here! 

3. In celebration of Fourth of July, we created our official "Firecracker Cream Puff". As always, you have your choice of original or cookie top puff, and we'll layer it with fresh blueberries and strawberries! Next time you're in Austin to celebrate, stop by for one while it lasts!

4. Lastly, here are some miscellaneous changes that we thought you should ought to know. (Top Left) We finally have our menus and business cards printed! A sweet little collection of stationery to hold on to! (Top Right) If you haven't stepped into our cafe lately, we've added a new table! We love it when students come in to study and relax so we made more room! (Bottom) Just a reminder that we are open from 1-11PM everyday! Feel free to pop in for a late night snack with your friends and maybe even..... a date? Haha! 


Again, welcome to our new website! We appreciate each and every one of you. See you all around!

- Cream Whiskers Team